Driver going the wrong way- Dekalb accident statistics

An accident caused by a driver going the wrong way happens often in Decatur, Dekalb County and other metro Atlanta areas.  A driver who was going the wrong way has resulted in three accidents in 2012 thus far, once on GA 400 and twice on I- 85.  This information was obtained from The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC).

A wrong way driver caused accident injured or killed thousands on U.S. Highways.  According to Fatality Analysis Reporting System, about 350 people die, and thousands are injured from automobile accidents caused by a wrong-way driver on U.S. highways.  A a drunk driver (DUI), fatigue or poor vision at late hours are usually factors in a wrong way accident where a driver was going the wrong way.  Other examples include drivers going the wrong way on highway ramps.”

Drivers going the wrong way usually drive in the far left lane of right-way traffic because they think it is the slow lane. Studies have been conducted to identify the most effective safety measures to reduce accidents with drivers going the wrong way.

Accidents caused by drivers going the wrong way in the Decatur (Dekalb County) area can be prevented by using markers utilizing double-reflective pavement markers. According to the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) who reports on similar markers used in Georgia, these indicators are sometimes a bright red, and in the shape of arrows pointing to the correct direction.


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