Drunk Driver Caused an Accident- Five Important Facts

A drunk driver recently caused an accident in Fulton County and injured my client.  Here are five important facts an injured driver should know when making a decision to hire a personal injury lawyer: (1) drunk driver caused accidents are based on punitive damages, NOT compensatory damages; (2) for this reason, a DUI caused accident typically settles much higher than a comparable accident case; (3) rapid investigation using proven investigators is very important and can yield dramatic results; (4) this is because a drunk driver who has prior DUI’s greatly increases the settlement value of a DUI case.  A crack investigator can help uncover prior DUI tickets and alcohol less safe traffic citations; (5) if a drunk driver has one or more prior DUI’s, then a DUI caused accident case can often recover up to 45 times the amount of medical bills.

If the practicing injury lawyer treats a DUI caused accident case as just another road wreck case, the client will lose a great deal of the possible recovery.  That’s because DUI caused accidents are based on punitive damages, NOT simply compensatory damages.  Punitive damages are designed to punish the drinking driver and deter him from driving drunk in the future.  Therefore, punitive damages are not based on the typical calculation of medical bills and medical treatment.  Insurance adjusters know this and will seek to take advantage of  injured victims who are unfamiliar with this area of law.  Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is therefore very important.  Contact The Burkey Law Firm for more information.


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