“I have had the pleasure to have Fred as my attorney on three separate car accident cases. On every case Fred has been very responsive and caring. Fred does not rush his clients through treatment and he has always advised me to follow the doctor’s orders. With Fred as your attorney you can expect frankness, honesty, respect, and great legal advice. I will continue to keep Fred as my attorney for years to come.”


“I rarely submit a review for any goods or services , however I feel passionate to recommend Fred Burkey to everyone. He came highly recommended and did not disappoint. He was honest from the start and communicated with me on every step of the legal process. I never felt that I was just another case to Fred. He was very through in getting the facts through investigation, depositions etc. . He always gave me good advice as I am sure he does with all his clients. Thanks Fred”


“Being involved in the transportation industry I’ve dealt with my fair share of attorneys. I must say attorney Burkey was by far the best I’ve ever dealt with. He took my case as if it was his own. It was his personnel touch and care that made me feel comfortable. If you are looking for the best then you have found him.”

Tiffany Coakley

“I know there are a lot of individuals, like myself, who use reviews before you do anything with a company. I think that it is only right that I submit one for Mr. Burkey and my experience with him. He was recommended to me by a former client’s friend. It definitely says something about Mr. Burkey’s work that someone who was not even his client spoke highly about him. This was my first time hiring an attorney so I was not aware of how to proceed with the case. From my first meeting with Mr. Burkey, he knew exactly want we needed to do. He handled the opposing attorney with sternness and respect to get the necessary information from them. If you are looking for someone that knows what he is doing and is willing to put in the work to get the right results, make sure you hire Mr. Burkey.”

Erica Cash

“He did a great job. I thank him for all he did to help my mom. I highly recommend him. You’re in good hands once you hire him as your lawyer.”

Robin Griggs

“From the first meeting with Attorney Burkey and his team I felt very comfortable and assured my case was in good hands. I always felt important and my feelings mattered. The entire firm is amazing and very passionate about the service they provide. Thank you for everything you all provided.”

Melissa Boyd
Tractor Trailer Accident / Truck Accident

“Fred Burkey is the most hard working, professional, and determined person I have ever met. Shortly after college, I was involved in a car accident. My mom called Mr. Burkey and asked him one question: “Will you please find out what happened that night?” Mr. Burkey worked diligently for almost four years to answer her question. He worked aggressively to ensure that my best interest was always a top priority and worked hard to get the best settlement possible. Not only is he an outstanding attorney, he took it a step further and worked closely with me after my settlement. He helped me surround myself with positive people that have put my financial future in the right direction. Mr. Burkey has witnessed different facets of my life; an engagement, the birth of my son, my mom going through cancer, and moving. Throughout all my life changes, he remained focused on getting justice brought to the surface and he hit it out of the park!”

Logan Gibson

“Fred Burkey was determined and compassionate while handling my law suit. He talked me through every step of the process so I knew what to expect. Fred Burkey did everything he could to make sure I was awarded the money that I deserved.”

Scott Holtz

“Mr. Burkey fought for us every step of the way. He explained everything to us and was always there to answer any questions we had about our case. He went the extra mile. He was very honest, hard working, and well prepared. But more importantly, he returns/responds to phone calls the same day! Ann and I would not hesitate to ask Fred and Company for assistance in the future.”

Rebecca Brenner

“Some time ago I was involved in an accident that nearly took my life. I was left unable to care for my children, unable to work, and unable to focus on the people in my life and tell them what they meant to me. I had a broken right leg, a torn MCL, ACL on the other leg, my left arm was detached from the shoulder, cracked elbows, bruised and beaten along with 3rd degree road rash from skidding approximately 20 feet down the street on my back. My husband, Scott, was looking for an attorney to assist us. The principal at my children’s school recommended Fred Burkey. Scott met with Fred and he immediately began work on my case. Just another attorney out for a buck; that was my original thought and I could not have been more wrong. Fred was attentive, quick to act, and tenacious when it came to procedures that sounded like rocket science to me. I wasn’t even able to walk and believe it or not Fred gave me hope. As the case went on and I began the slow process of recovery Fred kept in constant contact with me making sure I understood what was happening. If I didn’t understand, he would explain. If I had a question, I would call and if he wasn’t in court, he always took my call. If I emailed him, sometimes he would email me back other times he would call me immediately and say, that email sounded like you were needing to talk so I thought I would call. I not only found the most amazing attorney, I found a friend in Fred Burkey. He made sure I was never inconvenienced or overwhelmed; he knew I had a lot on my plate with physical therapy and my family. When the case was near the end, a situation arose that may have resulted in me not being awarded any money at all. I told him to do what he thought was best, to lead this case like he had been, although he never made a decision without me. He fought for me and fought for me, even when other attorneys were attempting to “bully” me or scare me, Fred stood up for me and kept me strong, not for the money, [but] for strength of my character and what was right. Fred went above and beyond what he needed to do. He helped my family, not only my children and husband but my parents and siblings as well. In tears I sit here writing not because of bad memories, but of lessons learned by the event and by the attorney that God led me too. My case is ending very soon and because Fred fought for me I am being awarded thousands and thousands of dollars that I never thought I would see and that was okay but boy it sure is nice to have this money and pay off bills, pay off part of the house and oh well… you know I am going to take a little vacation too. The accident that night changed my life forever. I appreciate the snow a little more, the mountains a little more, my children a little more, my friends a little more. I move a little slower and take the time to smell the flowers now. The attorney, Fred Burkey and Christine Simpson in the office that fought for me also changed my life. They showed me how to [have] faith in our system again and [that there] are people out there who believe in what they do and fight for what is right. There are attorneys who will stand by you and have faith in you as a person not just a paycheck. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but rather by the moments that take your breath away.” – George Carlin. Fred, you take my breath away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”

Guillermo Castillo

“When Mr. Burkey asked me to give a testimonial for his website, I responded enthusiastically because of my positive experience with his work. In March 2002, I was involved in a tragic accident that left me physically incapacitated for a long period of time. Being from another country, I was in a vulnerable situation since I was not familiar with the U.S. legal procedures and was also wary of dealing with attorneys due to their unfortunate reputation. Mr. Burkey was dedicated to my case in every aspect and kept me informed daily of my case progress. Most [importantly], he worked honestly to resolve my case for my best interests and with a positive outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Burkey to anyone seeking professional legal assistance.”

Dan Macris

“I have known Frederick for several years as a gym workout partner. When I was recently injured in a car accident, I knew that I did not have adequate knowledge to get a fair settlement from the “at fault” driver’s insurance company. I called The Burkey Law Firm because I wanted a professional personal injury attorney on my side. Frederick took my case and made the litigation process so easy for me. He did all the “boring lawyer stuff” and thoroughly prepared me for every step of this complicated process. We got a great settlement and I am completely satisfied with my experience using The Burkey Law Firm. Frederick and his staff are true professionals and I recommend them to anyone who wants a professional personal injury attorney in Atlanta. Thanks guys!”

Wes Rushing

“I retained the Burkey Law firm after I was injured in an automobile accident. I felt that Fred Burkey was genuinely concerned about my welfare. I feel that he put in the time and effort needed to assure that I received the largest settlement possible. I highly recommend him.”

Meg Gibson

“At the beginning of our case, Fred Burkey told us he was very good at his job. By the end of our case, I knew that this was true. He acted professionally but aggressively on our behalf — and best of all — obtained a great result for us.”

Carlos Luckerson

“I was referred to Fred Burkey by a friend who had been in a personal injury accident because I did not want to deal with a high volume / high turnover firm. Upon meeting with Fred he earned my trust with his preparedness and brutal honesty. At first I thought Fred to be very strong willed but soon learned it was confidence in his ability and his acumen for personal injury cases. I did not know the value of my case but left that to Fred and we worked to get to the number he suggested and I left a satisfied client and a friend.”

Rob Muse

“A few years ago, I was involved in a car accident due to no fault of my own. I was rear ended by a young lady who, after exchanging information, seemed to disappear and take no interest in making restitution for the damage she had done to both my car and person. My injuries from the accident were persistent, and grew worse daily. I was unable to effectively work, participate in family functions, not to mention participate in recreational sports I had enjoyed since my youth. As my medical bills were beginning to mount, and I was getting nowhere trying to deal with her insurance company, I decided to retain legal counsel. Like most, I began calling “big name” TV law firms, specializing in personal injury, assuming they would take the case. I was, most literally, sorely mistaken. The firms I called either dismissed the case as too minor for their valuable time, or didn’t bother to even put an attorney on the phone. The treatment I received the personal injury law firms fit exactly into the stereotype of disinterested ambulance chasers I had heard about over the years. I was about to give up but I decided to try one more attorney and called The Burkey Law Firm. To my surprise not only did The Burkey Law Firm take my call and seem genuinely interested, but I actually spoke to Fred Burkey himself! Mr. Burkey fit me in the next day and listened intently as I detailed the pain and suffering I was going through both physically and financially. Mr. Burkey really seemed to care about my well being and need for resolution. After our initial meeting, I was positive that I was in good hands. Mr. Burkey took the time to answer ALL my questions and went over everything in great detail. He communicated with me throughout the entire process, and never failed to either take my call, or return my call almost immediately. At this point I was extremely grateful for his personal service and professionalism, regardless of what the outcome might be. I was actually glad other firms didn’t have the time for me. I knew I was in very capable hands. Needless to say, Mr. Burkey went the extra mile researching and investigating my case. The investigations turned up eye witnesses and compelling evidence that produced a just settlement for all my trouble. What started out as a time-consuming, potentially pointless process ended with a just result. Since the time my cased closed I have been more than happy to refer friends and people that I know needed help to The Burkey Law Firm. I can’t imagine anyone standing up for personal injury victims better than Mr. Burkey.”

Jennifer Adams

“My very closest friend who has been friends with Fred for many years referred me to him and I am really happy she did. It has been such a pleasure to work with Fred and Amanda his assistant. My husband and I were involved in a rear end collision with injuries to the both of us. As much as accidents are so very stressful, we immediately found ease and comfort upon meeting and talking to Fred about our case. Fred Burkey is extremely professional and provides you with his expertise in personal injury cases and informs you exactly what to expect through the process: no surprises! I would highly recommend The Burkey Law Firm. So thank you very much friends!!!”


“Fred, thanks for all of your help on this case. I will definitely refer you to friends and family in the future. Additionally, if you ever have a potential client that is ‘checking references’ in the future I’d be happy to give you a glowing reference.”


    I specialize in helping people hurt in a senior shuttle van accident, tractor trailer (trucking) accident or DUI caused accident. I use advanced legal theory, twenty years experience and determination to achieve justice for my clients. Justice is having a fighter in your corner; a lawyer who is responsive, treats every case as a priority and provides a superior settlement.


    The client’s best interests are first. Open communication and prompt return of client calls is a priority. Every client is important whether their case is big or small. I work with a small number of cases and provide personal attention. Experience and work wins cases.


    My goal in every case is to obtain superior results for my clients by pursuing dangerous drivers with a dedication to legal excellence, client service and work ethic. I work hard on every case. I am dedicated to client service. I seek to obtain the best possible result for every client.

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