Accident Caused by Drunk Driver- Lawyer Information

Accidents caused by a drunk driver in Atlanta and Fulton County are increasing. Lawyer selection is your first important step to receiving the best settlement.  Here are five helpful steps to select the right personal injury lawyer in Atlanta for you: (1) review the lawyer’s website; (2) check the lawyer’s experience; (3) check client testimonials; (4) check affiliations (5) confirm specialization in drunk driving accident law.

Review the Lawyer’s Website.  Confirm that what you’re reading is truly the work of your future drunk driving accident lawyer.  Most people don’t realize that nearly every personal injury lawyer website is produced by large legal publishing companies.  These companies are not located in Atlanta or Fulton County. Furthermore, these companies prepare the same content for every personal injury law firm that hires them, regardless of whether the firm is in Atlanta or Topeka Kansas.  If you’ve noticed that every website on the internet looks the same and sounds the same, this is the reason. The more slick the website, the more likely it is produced by a legal publishing company from somewhere other than Fulton County- not the lawyer.  This is important because you’re selecting a personal injury lawyer based on what is expressed on his or her website.  If you’re choosing the injury lawyer based on content written by someone else, you’re making an important decision based on faulty information.

Check the Lawyer’s Experience. Confirm that your future drunk driving accident lawyer has the knowledge and experience to get you the best settlement here in Atlanta. Not all personal injury lawyers are the same.  Some injury lawyers are young with little experience.  Like any other endeavor, the more experience an injury lawyer has in his or her field, the more likely they will achieve the best result for you. Look for how many years the lawyer has practiced.  Be certain to confirm that the lawyer has worked exclusively in the field of drunk driver accident law.  Be certain to confirm that the lawyer has worked exclusively in personal injury law.  Avoid lawyers who try to take many different cases.  Generalists are specialists in nothing.  In this day and age, personal injury law is very technical and very unforgiving.  This is also true for accidents caused by drunk driving.  For example, if your injury lawyer does not know the evolving field of insurance subrogation and reimbursement, you could end up paying back all the money you received in settlement to your health insurance company.  If you have questions about this, call us.

Check Client Testimonials.  Testimonials are a great way to capture the essence of your future drunk driving accident lawyer’s commitment to excellence.  Read several testimonials and seek to uncover the underlying themes.  Lawyers like people tend to be consistent over time.  Look for dedication to excellence in the practice of law, dedication to client service and a commitment to the legal profession.  Avoid websites that contain generalized comments from clients as they have likely been written by large legal publishing companies.

Check Legal Affiliations. Seek lawyers who demonstrate a commitment to their profession. The common barometer for legal excellence in personal injury law and accidents caused by drunk drivers in Atlanta and Fulton County include the Association for Justice (AAJ), the Georgia Trial Lawyer’s Association (GTLA), the Southern Trial Lawyer’s Association (STLA) and the Lawyer’s Foundation of Georgia (a foundation established by the State Bar of Georgia). Look for credentials that demonstrate excellence.  Some examples include the Martindale Hubble “AV” Designation, which demonstrates a peer reviewed ranking of a lawyer’s ethics and professionalism.  An AV Rated lawyer is considered preeminent in his field.  Other examples include the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which represents only 1% of lawyers nationwide.

Confirm Specialization in Drunk Driving Law.  Confirm that your lawyer focuses on accidents caused by a drunk driver.  Most websites contain a listing of comparable verdicts and settlements detailing results in other cases.  Review this section to determine whether your personal injury lawyer consistently represents people hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver.  Avoid injury lawyers who take every case that walks or crawls into their office.  You can readily spot a generalist if the website lists every possible injury from fall downs, slip & falls, product liability and so forth.  Even within the personal injury field, there are specific sub specialities in the legal practice.  Choosing a lawyer who handles every possible injury is selecting a lawyer who is dedicated to being a generalist, not an expert in his field.

We hope this posting has been helpful. If you have further questions, even if outside of Atlanta or Fulton County, call us directly.  Unlike those other slick websites, we’ll answer your questions from an attorney, not an online “chat representative.”


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