Car Accident Trials and Authentic Self

My first jury trial close to twenty years ago focused on a car accident here in Georgia.  My client was hit and injured in the collision.  The at fault driver (referred to as “Defendant”) had a clever defense.  The insurance defense attorney refused to settle for a fair sum.  I tried the case to a jury.  It should have been resounding failure.  I was clumsy.  My cross examination was awful.  My closing rambled.  But, I was real.  I believed in my client.  I liked my jury.  They returned a great verdict that was fair.

Joseph Brown, a Bankruptcy Attorney in Florida recently asked about trying cases to juries. The trial attorneys I know are committed professionals. They seek the newest techniques in demonstrative evidence, jury selection, jury psychology. Many attorneys seek the newest trend in persuasion theory with names like “the Reptile” (developed by renowned Atlanta trial attorney Don Keenan). Moe Levine is one of my favorites.

Persuasion theory is important.  But, trial attorneys give their best when they get out of the way of their authentic self.

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