Accident caused by drunk driver- how to avoid

An accident caused by a driver who was drinking and driving or DUI in Dekalb County and other metro Atlanta roadways happens more often than most drivers realize.  There are actions you can take to avoid as much damage as possible if you are hit by a driver who has been drinking or is DUI.

Watch for drivers who have activated their high beams. Sometimes, people who are driving drunk or driving while intoxicated leave interior car lights on or parking lights on. If you notice a possible DUI driver, move to the right-hand lane as quickly as possible.

If you suspect someone is driving drunk, do not attempt to pass. Keep ahead of an intoxicated driver you so you can react with sufficient time to avoid any quick movements they may make. Otherwise, an accident or collision could occur.  Also, do your best to avoid crossing intersections with a drunk driver.  A driver who is intoxicated tends to make wide movements.

Stay off of the shoulder unless you have no other options. A drunk driver who is heavily intoxicated could mistake you for traffic and follow you.  This can lead to an accident.

Immediately report someone you suspect of DUI or drunk driving. Being a mindful and attentive driver helps you and other drivers on the road.

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