Updated Parkers Farm Food Recall

Parkers Farm, Inc., has revised their original recall to include a very long list of products as of January 15, 2010. All of the listed food items have been recalled, no matter the date code, due to concerns over listeria contamination. People who own these products should stop using them and contact the manufacturer.

Listeria monocytogenes are organisms that can cause serious illness in small children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. Studies have linked listeria to complications in or the early termination of pregnancies.

The original recall limited the contamination list to foods from specific dates; this updated recall is for all of the listed products in all date ranges.

There have been no reports of illness connected to the possibly contaminated Parkers Farm products. The food items listed on the recall were purchased from several nationwide chains, including Walmart, Aldi, Whole Foods, and Kroger, among others. All products were sold as “Parkers Farm” or “Parkers” label items.

The recall was initiated due to positive results for listeria, in samples taken by Minnesota and Wisconsin state authorities.
The products may be returned, presumable to the store where they were originally purchased, for a full refund. Call Parker Farms at (800) 869-6685 for additional information.

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