Philosophy from the clouds

The Huffingtonpost is reporting this morning that a California Jury rendered a 1.05 Billion dollar patent infringement verdict against Samsung. According to the article, Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung in April 2011.  Apple alleged that Samsung stole technology used in its iPad and iPhone products.  A jury trial culminated in a verdict against Samsung.

Over 100 years ago, Judge Russell from the Georgia Court of Appeals wrote the following quote.  “It was said of Socrates that he first drew philosophy from the clouds, and made it walk upon the earth.  And of the civil jury it may be also said that it is an institution which draws down the knowledge of the laws to the level of popular comprehension. From this standpoint, in a practical way, by practical men, verdicts are made.” Davis v. Kirkland, 1 Ga. App. 5 (1907).



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