Injured while riding motorcycle in DeKalb – Use a helmet!

A motorcycle rider killed or injured while riding a motorcycle in DeKalb County and other metro Atlanta counties is a common occurrence.  Many motorcycle accidents are caused by DUI or intoxicated drivers, hit and run drivers or drivers who are speeding or texting.  Riding a motorcycle in DeKalb County or elsewhere in Georgia can be more safe by simply wearing a helmet- regardless of the hazards caused by dangerous drivers.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (or NHTSA), someone who is riding a motorcycle while using a helmet, decreases injury to the motorcycle rider’s face and neck. This suggests that less traumatic or serious injury to the brain would occur if a motorcycle driver is wearing a motorcycle helmet.

NHTSA also found that riding a motorcycle while not wearing a helmut made one 8.7% more likely to receive a traumatic brain injury (or TBI) if struck by a driver causing an accident. By contrast, a motorcycle rider who is wearing a helmet is only 6.3% more likely to receive a serious brain injury in an accident. This is a 2.4% decrease in likeliness to receive a brain injury (TBI) if you are wearing a motorcycle helmet.

NHTSA estimates that 1,829 motorcyclists were saved by wearing motorcycle helmets in 2008. NHTSA estimates more lives could have been saved if all motorcycle drivers wore motorcycle helmets.


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