Teen driver killed- alcohol a factor

Alcohol is a factor in many car accidents where a driver is killed in metro Atlanta counties such as Dekalb, Fulton and Clayton County. In many cases, alcohol is a factor in an auto accident with a teenage driver.  There is a direct correlation between a driver who was intoxicated or alcohol impaired in a fatal accident and the age of the driver. For example, 26% of the total number of DUI or alcohol drivers who caused a fatal accident in 2007 involved an intoxicated driver who was aged 25 to 34.  By comparison, 11% of the total number of intoxicated drivers who caused an accident that killed another driver involved a driver who was aged 16 to 20- again, where alcohol was a factor . An alarming fact is that males comprised the majority of all DUI drivers who caused an accident that killed another- by a factor 85%.  These figures were compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (or NHTSA) through its National Center for Statistics and Analysis. http://goo.gl/LivQS

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